Thursday, August 04, 2005

this just in

lee mazzili, manager of the baltimore orioles has been fired. the orioles have been struggling for the past couple of months with a rag tag pitching unit along with a suddenly dormant lineup. read more about it here:


19 year old mariner phenom felix hernandez ia making his major league debut against the detroit tigers today much to the excitement of all fantasy baseball players. here is a look at felix's aaa numbers for tacoma:

tune in to mlbtv for the game today.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

who'da thunk it

ok gang, lets play a game. its called "how to waste 60 million dollars", starring none other than the new york yankees. lets get started...

ask any yankee fan what their #1 need was during the off season.... heck, ask any baseball fan... and you should get one of two answers: a. get a center fielder or b. shore up the pitching, which was very old and showed it at the end of the year. it is amazing how much more this team needed a new center fielder though.

the starter going into this season, bernie williams, is clearly in the decline of his career. while he will always be a "career yankee", his skills have diminshed at an astonishing rate. bernie was always a solid, yet unspectacular player in the garret anderson, bobby abreu mold. he was basically a player that you could count on year in year out to put up .300 avg w/ 30 hr and 100 rbi. that was a given. he had decent range but a horrible arm. this was always the case. however, starting last year, he just wasnt the same player and the yanks new they had to go after a big name free agent, namely carlos beltran. however, for whatever reason, beltran decided to go down the subway a bit and play at shea.

ok this is where i think the yanks lost any hope for a playoff run this year: they stopped going after a center fielder. instead, they shifted their focus on their pitching staff, which although being a need was not even close to that of getting a cf.

after losing out on pedro martinez, i believe the yanks panicked with what was a mediocre at best free agent class. here is where the ridiculous wasting begins. i would like to introduce you to the two luckiest schmucks in the world: carl pavano and jaret wright.

first, pavano. here, we have a career .500 pitcher, with poor k ratios, a high career whip(walks plus hit per innings pitched). basically, a guy who cant strike too many guys out while giving up lots of hits and walks. sounds like a winner right... it gets better.

pavano had a career year last year posting a 18-8 record with good peripherals. anybody care to guess what his best record was before last year? anyone? 15-8? nope... 13-10? nope, sorry.... here let me help you out..... 8-4. yup, you read correctly. after that 3-2.... after that, well he doesnt have a winning record. yep, a guy that has pitched since 1998 in the weak hitting nl east, has only two winning records. now he was 12-13 in 2003, but he also had an era of 4.30.

this is a guy who after being traded for pedro martinez by the red sox has spent his entire career in the weak hitting nl east. that along with some pretty good defense by the florida marlings last year resulted in his stellar season last year. why in the world would someone believe that he would fare better in the bombers division known as the al east. i mean even tampa has a top tier offense in terms of runs scored.

now, after seeing all of this information, assuming you were running your own ball club , how much would you offer carl pavano. write down your answers on something next to you. ok what is it? the league minimum? maybe a 2 year 6 million dollar contract to see if he can keep turning his career around? well, if you are the new york yankees and brian cashmen, you offer a career .500 pitcher with bad numbers coming from a weak hitting division with good defensive team to a power heavy division with a poor defensive team...... wait for it........

4 years for 40 million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right. you do not need to adjust your screens. pavano is making 9 millions dollars this year. oh by the way he has been on the dl for the majority of the season which has probably helped hi numbers: the league is hitting at a .315 clip through 17 games. the sad part is, that pavano is actually pitching around his career norms.

goood ole yanks. and to think i got laughed at when i said that the yanks wouldnt make the playoffs. i mean they are so fiscally sound......


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

just a little intro...

for those that will be reading this blog, you will be checking out posts ranging from baseball to movies to all sports to college to anything and everything. i am a movie enthusiast which is dwarfed by my enthusiasm for baseball. i breathe baseball. i am a self-professed know-it-all on the subject. you will definitely be privy to many a rant on the topic. anyways, look for a nice little baseball i told you so in the morning. until then, keep your mechanism clear, your groundballs democratic, and your yankees damned.

the kid.